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700 Central Minneapolis Nordeast

I recently had the pleasure of providing art for the new 700 Central lofts in Northeast Minneapolis. The project was a huge restoration of an original building from the 19th century. McLeod & Smith, one of the earliest furniture manufacturers in Minneapolis, first constructed the building in 1897. The company was the largest upholstered furniture factory in the northwest by 1905, and used the building until 1938. I’ve driven past this building many times since it’s down the road from my studio in the Thorp Building, and it was nice to witness its transformation.  Rosalux Gallery, the cooperative art gallery I co-founded, originally opened in 2002 across the street on the corner of Central Ave and 6th Street. I created one large original diptych painting for the Labelle Lounge in the basement and titled it ”Flounce” as a connection to the history of the building. Flounce is an upholstery term meaning a wide ornamental strip of material gathered and sewn to a piece of fabric. Along with the original painting, there is a large canvas print of my painting Finback in the conference room, and there are canvas prints on floors two through seven by the elevator. My friend John Diebel also did a large original artwork for the lobby on the main floor.

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Art Photo Flounce
Flounce is a 42 x 84″ diptych painting in acrylic and pumice by Shawn McNulty located in the Labelle lounge at the 700 Central lofts.

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Conference Room Finback
Finback is a 36 x 72″ diptych canvas print located in the conference room at 700 Central lofts. Purchase prints here: Finback #1 and Finback #2

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 2 Elevator Continuum
Continuum  – Second Floor Elevator

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 3 Elevator Salvation
Salvation – Third-Floor Elevator – Purchase a Print

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 4 Elevator Aloe
Aloe – Fourth Floor Elevator – Purchase a Print

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 5 Elevator Peacock
Peacock – Fifth Floor Elevator – Purchase a Print

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 6 Elevator Controversy
Controversy – Sixth Floor Elevator – Purchase a Print

700 Central Lofts Minneapolis Floor 7 Elevator Restoration
Restoration – Seventh Floor Elevator – Purchase a Print

John Diebel Art 700 Central Lofts Minneapolis
This large 5 x 9.5′ original art by my friend John Diebel can be found on the main floor area.

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