Shoe Palette Knife by Artist Shawn McNulty
A unique way to connect to the surface

"I was working on a commission involving a series of paintings in late 2010. I found myself finishing a piece on my easels while I started the next piece on the floor. I realized that crouching down and using a palette knife was an awkward motion, and it makes more sense to be standing upright and use my feet somehow. I came up with the idea to duct tape a large palette knife to a shoe, and work the canvas that way. Currently, I start all pieces this way, and sometimes even complete them in this manner. I'm interested in connecting to the surface in different ways in order to create unique forms that would not ordinarily be made by the typical "human using a tool" motion that we have been accustomed to doing since tools were invented." - Shawn McNulty

Watch this process in action on Shawn's MNOriginal segment: