ABSTRACT Art Exhibition at Minnetonka Arts Center MN

My paintings Kettle and Junco are part of the ABSTRACT art exhibition at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts located in a beautiful area just down the road from Lake Minnetonka. This group exhibition takes place in October 2017 and also includes work from fellow contemporary artists Carl Beihl, Matthew Bergen, Lisa Bergh, Paul Bohman, Andrea Canter, Genie Castro, Tara Costello,  Janet Donaldson, Emily Donovan, Beth Dorsey, Cathy Durso, John Gaunt, Anne Groton,  Melissa Haroza,  Jane Johnson, Mic Johnson,  Eric Ketelsen, Cheryl Krause,  Jamie Lang, Susan Lyman, Presley Martin,  Kim Matthews, Josh Meillier,  Andrew Nordin, Polly Norman, Dorothy Osterman, Jodi Reeb, Ellen Richman, Sarah Struck,  Timothy Tozer,  Kevin Weeden, and Patricia Williams.

Abstract Art Minnetonka Art Center Minnesota
Artwork by Genie Castro (left) and Shawn McNulty (right)
Abstract Art Show Minnetonka Art Center Mn

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