Art Exhibition Coulee Bank Minnetonka Minnesota

My art was exhibited at Coulee Bank in Minnetonka, Minnesota, presented by my friends at Soo Visual Arts Center (Soovac) in Minneapolis. The paintings are back in my studio and available on my website again. This is a nice selection of abstract work ranging in size from 20×20″ to 40×80″ from the last few years. Here are some photos of the exhibit with links to the individual art pages.

Abstract Art Exhibit
Rooster diptych (left) and Monarch (right) © Shawn McNulty
Blackburn Red Blue Abstract Art
Blackburn 40×80″ diptych © Shawn McNulty
Rooster Blue Black Abstract Diptych
Rooster #1 and #2 40×80″ diptych © Shawn McNulty
Tavern Abstract Painting Green
Tavern 40×40″ © Shawn McNulty
Bandicoot Yellow Abstract Art
Bandicoot 40×40″ © Shawn McNulty
Mirror Ball Bird Hand Art
Mirror Ball (left) and Bird in the Hand (right) 24×24″ © Shawn McNulty
Farmington Red Gold Abstract Painting
Farmington 40×40″ © Shawn McNulty
Automatic Reckoning White Abstract Art
Automatic (left) and Reckoning (right) 20×20″ © Shawn McNulty
Murmur Electrolyte Abstract Art Michael Stipe
Murmur (left) and Electrolyte (right) 20×20″ © Shawn McNulty
Tavern Abstract Painting Green 1
Tavern 40×40″ © Shawn McNulty
Mozambique Abstract Multicolor Painting
Mozambique 20×20″ © Shawn McNulty
Iron Black Abstract Painting
Iron 40×40″ © Shawn McNulty

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