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I had a fun and impromptu art talk with musician Ryan Adams on his Instagram live feed, or as he would call it, life feed. Ryan is one of my favorite songwriters and has released many albums and written countless songs. He initially starting out with the alt country band Whiskeytown in the 90s, which is when I started listening to him. You might recognize his song New York which had a lot of airplay back in 2001, along with When the Stars Go Blue which was covered by many other musicians. I have titled some of my paintings directly from his music including Carolina (one of my favorite large older paintings) from his song My Sweet Carolina, and Jacksonville (Prints Available) from his album Jacksonville City Nights.

Carolina, Shawn McNulty 48×72″ 2007
Jacksonville, Shawn McNulty 36×36″ 2013

Ryan is also a visual artist and is working on some watercolor commissions while he is at home and not touring. He follows my art on social media, and invited me to chat while he was working on a Batman commission. I had been tuning in to his excellent music live streams over the summer, and he started live streaming his art making. We had a nice talk about the creative process, and he shared a story about Johnny Depp helping him rescue a few paintings. As you will see, I wasn’t totally prepared for this conversation, but I’m glad I answered his call. FYI, I enter the conversation around 42:00 🙂

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