Green Abstract Art

leeway forest green abstract art painting canvas

Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas ©2009
30 x 30" Black Wood Frame
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This piece is available as an archival pigment print giclee on paper or canvas.
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"Leeway is a very textured green abstract art painting from 2009. It is comprised of thick acrylic layers of green acrylic and pumice, and also has my signature horizontal band that was seen in many paintings from this era. The top of the horizontal band is made up of dried acrylic paint skins which have been collaged underneath the white paint. Looking back on this one about 10 years later, I really enjoy the darker green area over and underneath the horizontal band, as well as the black character coming through within the horizontal band. This feels like an organic character that would take more precedent in my art (such as Carnival and Leviathan) in the upcoming years, so perhaps there is some foreshadowing going on in this painting. This oxide shade of green has always been one of my favorite colors, along with light blue. I typically use green more often as a color field rather than an accent color. I understand why this period of my work has become popular with collectors because of its overall calmness that exists, but there is still a lot of activity in motion lying underneath." - Shawn McNulty