Drone Action Painting Abstract Expressionism Art

Drone Action Painting Abstract Expressionism Art by Shawn McNulty

Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas
Shawn McNulty ©2017
66 x 66"
*This painting is unstretched and will ship in a large shipping tube. The full dimensions are 72 x 72" and I estimate the size will be 66 x 66" after stretching on 1.5" deep frame. It is also possible to display the entire canvas unstretched.
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This painting was completed outside in a snowstorm while Shawn used his feet to do the painting as he was viewing from a VR helmet from the vantage point of an overhead drone piloted by somebody else. The canvas was folded up with the acrylic and melting snow and was stored in his basement for two days. After that, he brought it to his studio and unrolled and flattened the canvas. He decided to leave the painting as it was without making additional changes. Check out the video of the process: