Shawn McNulty Art Artist

Volcano Abstract Painting Art Hawaii Raptor

Volcano Abstract Painting Art Hawaii Raptor by Shawn McNulty #abstract #volcanoart

Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas
©2018 Shawn McNulty 48 x 48"

gallery wrapped stretched canvas 1.5" deep with painted sides :: ready to hang

"Raptor is a custom painting I completed for a client in 2018. I completed this artwork while I was working on the series for my Striations show at Rosalux Gallery, and there is definitely a similarity in the composition. The biggest difference in this abstraction is the saturation of color and the fact that the forms go to the edge of the canvas. I am quite the fan of the blue and orange art combination. My favorite detail of this piece is the white form in the center with the column shooting up on the left side, which is part of the first layer of work. The vibrant orange and blue felt reminiscent of a Hawaii volcano to me, and I completed this right before the volcano erupted in Kilauea. The client sees an eagle catching a salmon in the top center, which is what led to my title." - Shawn McNulty