I finally got the chance to go view my paintings installed at the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. It’s exciting to be included in the exclusive Minnesota Vikings art collection along with other talented Minnesota artists. The initial call for art was almost 2 years ago, and I was chosen along with 33 other artists from a large pool of almost 1200 submissions. I ended up doing a loose contemporary interpretation of the stadium after talking at length with the curators from SATA Sports and the Arts about how my work might fit in the scenario. It was challenging, since I usually don’t plan out my art in any way. I ended up deconstructing the stadium (based on preliminary plans and drawings) into basic shapes and forms. My initial spec piece that I presented to the committee,  Stadium One,  is one of the pieces in the stadium. My other painting, Stadium Two,  is a very large artwork measuring 60″ x 96.”  Both paintings are thick acrylic, pumice, and collage on stretched canvas. There was an exclusive opening party in late July 2016 where the artists got to take a tour and check out where their art is located. The Minnesota Vikings also published a book featuring all the artists and their art. My work is located in the Valhalla suites area, but you can see the larger painting through the glass door near the Pentair gate. Check out the photos below, and I hope you’re able to see them in person sometime.  I also continue the series with six more original pieces (24×24″) as well as giclee art prints that you can find on my website.

Shawn Mcnulty Us Bank Stadium Abstract Art

Abstract Painting Shawn McNulty Us Bank Vikings Stadium

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