Prince Paisley Park Memorial Photos Images Tribute

Minnesota, along with the rest of the world, had to say goodbye to Prince after he unexpectedly passed away at his Paisley Park complex last week. He was a great representative for Minneapolis and lived here his entire life along with having a few residences elsewhere. There is really no one quite like him, and his musical ability and songwriting prowess was other worldly. The global response has been overwhelming including purple tributes everywhere. I had the chance to see him perform several times including the powerful and intimate Piano and a Microphone concert tour, which he debuted at Paisley Park to a small audience. There is a secret vault of recorded music in the basement, so we will get to hear new music from Prince for a long time. I recently visited the overwhelming memorial outside Paisley Park and took some photos. I did a painting called Controversy in 2012 which has a Prince connection.  I hung up a small print of it on the fence. #ripprince