Christian Hetzel Artist Art Abstract Technique

Christian Hetzel is a contemporary painter from Germany that I enjoy following online. He creates very ethereal and complex textures in his large canvases that usually only consist of one or two color fields.  The artist describes his work is being focused on texture and abstract color field compositions based on traditional media and techniques. Hetzel also offers prints, and sometimes he will modify the scan digitally to create a new work.  There are many artists doing this minimal abstraction technique, but I find his work to have a very distinct rendering, and every painting is incredibly strong and cohesive to the rest of his body of work. I’ve selected a few here for you to peruse.  There is an overall softness to his edges, but there also exists a hard crusty like execution in the smaller lines and marks which is similar to my work.  Christian is also exploring an area in between color field and action painting, which is what I’ve been doing all these years. Iodine, one of my green abstract art pieces from years ago, feels like it could be smashed down to reveal a Hetzel-esque painting.

Check out Christian Hetzel’s work currently for sale over at Saatchi Art.

Christian Hetzel art painting grey monochrome
grey monochrome
Christian Hetzel connected white brown art
connected white brown
Christian Hetzel Summertime mixed media canvas
Christian Hetzel floating blue art
floating blue
Christian Hetzel fissured surface white painting art
fissured surface

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