"Four Clintons" Bill Clinton Pop Art Abstract Painting by Shawn McNulty

I had the pleasure of creating an original painting for President Bill Clinton back in 2000. Check out my vintage polaroid photo of the artwork! This is way before IPhones and Instagram. I was experimenting with Pop Art imagery combined with abstraction which had a heavy Robert Rauschenberg influence. The painting was presented to President Clinton when he visited Minneapolis for a fundraiser, and I received a personal letter from him afterward. This painting, which I titled Four Clintons, is 30x36" mixed media on board, and currently resides in his Presidential Library in Arkansas. The painting was installed in Al Gore's office at the White House for a period of time. This is a fun highlight of my career and people often ask me about it. It's interesting to see where my work has gone from this point, and I enjoy looking back on it. - Shawn McNulty

four clintons pop art painting polaroid by Shawn McNulty