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follow me where i go:

Signed giclee art prints available on paper or canvas

Shawn's Artist Blog:

Minnesota Original MNO McNulty Watch my Minnesota Original segment which aired on TPT Twin Cities.
arte show matera italy I exhibited two paintings in the Arte Internazionale Exhibition in Matera, Italy curated by Pino Nicolleti. Click here to read more about it and watch the news clip.
setai fifth avenue hotel nyc There are 206 of my archival pigment prints (30x30") throughout the corridors of the Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
art takes times square My painting Stallion was displayed on a huge digital screen in Times Square and will be included in an upcoming hardcover book.
My painting Shiver was used in a national Blue M&Ms Ad which ran in many major magazines.
Midland Country Club (Michigan) commissioned 10 diptychs measuring 30x60" which are currently displayed in their suites.


UBS Financia
l, Minnesota
(31 prints)
The Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York (206 prints)
Bellgaio Hotel, Nevada
Midland Country Club, Michigan | photo
Vatrix Medical
, Minnesota
Paramount Pictures, California | photo
Kennedy Bowles, P.C. Oregon | photo
Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Michigan | photo
Builders Association of MN, Minnesota
M-Tech Information Technology, Calgary

The Leede Group, Minnesota
Griffith/Burkhardt Productions, California
Summit Financial Advisors, Minnesota | photos

President Bill Clinton
Peyton Manning
Governor Jesse Ventura
Lan Graff (10+ originals),Texas
Drew Peterson (10+ originals), Connecticut
Thomas Dewitt (10+ originals), California

Josef Teuschler (10+ originals)
, California
John Seed (served as assistant to the late Jean-Michel Basquiat), California

Donny Abraham, Texas

Robert Acosta, Virginia
Magda Aguilar, Columbia
Arlene Andert, Minnesota
Scott Andrews, California
Jen Aspengren, Washington D.C.
Brenton Bacari, Washington D.C.
Larry Beck, Hong Kong
Mary Boteler, Virginia
Tim Bates, California
Robert Busnach, Virginia
Junaid Butt, England
Lawrence Beck, New York
Jason Belon, New Jersey
Steven Bennett, Indiana
Alan Berkman, Pennsylvania
Justin & Molly Bonnett, Minnesota
Carey Bradley, Texas
Mark Bray, Minnesota
Bradd Brown, Iowa
Megan Bruton, Australia

Michael Carnavale, New York
Ellen Charleton, Florida
Howard Chatfield, Minnesota
Susan Crawford, California
Christine Cahill, Rhode Island
Carl Colby, Alaska
Cheryl Cook, Texas
Ann Cosgrove, Tennessee
Kevin Cruze, Tennessee

Glenda Cullen, Maryland
Kenneth D'Angelo, Texas
Tyler Davenport, California
Angel Day, Indianapolis
Leigh Anne Dear, Texas
Linda Delaney, Tennessee
Giovanni Della-Libera, Washington
Albert Dijkslag, Delaware
Angela Doran, Massachussetts
Elizabeth Dugan, Connecticut
Mike Enright, Texas
Page Evans, Florida
Lance Fensterman, Connecticut
Pam Foerstner, Texas
Cortney Frasier, South Carolina
Gayle Geier, Nebraska
Rich German, Texas
Amy Gibbs, Texas
Robert Giljum, California
Myriam Gilles, New York
John Golden, North Carolina
Gino Grossi, New Jersey
Angelo Guglielmo, New York
Kelly Gulotta, New York
Keith Hallberg, Florida
Susan Hanna-Bibus, Minnesota
Gary Hasza, Washington D.C.
Laura Heller, New York
Greg & Pat Hefferan, Minnesota
K.C. Hendrick,
Robert Spalding, Pennsylvania
Eddie Hancock, Virginia
Thomas Hicks, Georgia
Barton Hill, New York
Bill Holland, Minnesota
Katherine Horn, Texas
Brad Horne,
South Carolina
Martin Ingram, Georgia
Liz Jasek, Michigan
Brian J. Kaefer, Texas
Cliff Kaylin, California

Tony Kaeo, Washington
Jennifer Kalinowski, Minnesota
Mel Korey, Arizona
Brad Kuhlin, California
David Kurzweil, Washington D.C.
Suzanne Landrum, Tennessee
Cesare Lazzarone, Italy
Laura Lee, Minnesota
Scott Lefcourt, Arizona
Phillip Leonard, Minnesota
Robert Little, Washington
José Luciano, Florida
Jeanne Maddox, Ohio
Mark Martin, Texas

Phil & Therese Martin, Minnesota
Colleen McClaughlin, Minnesota
Greg and Karen McNulty, Minnesota
Sean McNulty, Ohio
Stacy Morris, Nebraska
Camile Moyer, Minnesota
Robert McKenzie, Minnesota
John McKnight, Pennsylvania
Tim & Jennifer Morgan, Florida
Gary Mortenson, Minnesota
Phil Muller, France
Jerry Murray, California
Sheri Murray, Florida
Cindy Murphy, Minnesota
Agnes Nahum, France
Trip Navaro, Ohio
Allison & Jack Nielsen, Minnesota
John Oddo, California
Michael O'Rourke, England

Michael Osanloo, Illinois
David Otterson, North Carolina
Debra Pallazza, Minnesota

Gregory Passeri, New York
Chris Pellegrino, California
Sara Pollak, Tennessee
Marcel Ponton, California
Matthew Rando, New York
Jonica Reed, Minnesota
Chris Rohs, Minnesota

Stacy Rooney, Minnesota
Chad Rosenberg, Pennsylvania
Matthew Rothenberg, New York
Diana Sachs, Texas
Charles Sajewski, Michigan
Ann Schattenberg, Minnesota
Monica Schuller, Illinois
Jennifer Schoonmaker, Illinois

Dr. Cindy Firkin Smith, Minnesota
Stacia Smith, Minnesota
Atholl Stewart, England
Jeremy Strief, Minnesota
Michael Sweere, Minnesota
Chris & Krista Stipe, Washington
Martin Stratton, England
Andrew Swanson, Minnesota

Shannon Tekelenburg, Kentucky
Andrea Terenzi, Italy
Myron Hay Tomb, Pennsylvania
Brian and Maria Vail, California

John Vaughn, California
Keith & Mary Wagener, Minnesota
Mitch Wagener, Minnesota
Mark Wann, Mississippi
Bryan Watson, California
Steve & Karen Watson, Minnesota
Ian Waugh, England
Hillary & Geoff Weg, California
Nicole West, New Jersey
Victor Wong, Texas
Ry Young, California

Christine Zachary, Oregon
Norman Zagier, New York






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