Art Gallery Photos

Chaska Community Center
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Pictured left to right: Transmit and Superior Street (22kb) Pictured left to right: Onion, Silence, The Second Jester, Orchestra (20kb) Pictured left to right: Silence and The Second Jester (23kb) Another photo of Transmit and Superior Street. (20kb) A wide shot showing Advantageous on the right. (23kb)
Another wide shot showing a close up of Crestfallen on the right. (30kb) Pictued left to right: Rigor, Hudson, Magistrate, Snow Prophet (23kb) Another shot of the 30 x 30 inch series. (19kb) Hudson (24kb) A wide shot of the Chaska exhibition. (22kb)
Icecap (18kb) Another photo of Icecap. (28kb) You can see the thick texture of pumice on The Second Jester. (30kb) An extreme close up of Jester. (60kb) An extreme close up of Silence. (38kb)
A view looking towards the front door. (21kb) Superior Street is on the left in this photo. (22kb) A close up of Advantageous, 24 x 36 inch acrylic and oil on canvas. (31kb) Another wide shot of the Chaska show. (21kb) A view from outside the front door. (24kb)
Another photo from outside the Chaska Community Center. (22kb)