Shawn McNulty Art Artist

April 4, 2012 -
Flashing Red @ Rosalux Gallery

Shawn McNulty paints — with palette knives — large color fields in which layered abstractions emerge from beneath thick washes of color scraped away to reveal those mysteries below. There's more texture too, in the form of pumice worked into the paint. Tara Costello layers Venetian plaster and raw pigment in shades of black and gray into large rich works of line, shadow, and texture. Both artists include blasts of fire-engine, burnt-orange, or Tuscan-hued red in some of their paintings, hence the "Flashing Red" title of their joint show opening at Rosalux Gallery this weekend. The works of both artists vibrate with immersive enticements. It's not difficult to get lost in color, shape, action, brushstroke, or palette swipe. "The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal," Wassily Kandinsky once said. In these works, the appeal is at once intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. - By Camille LeFevre

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