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Signed giclee art prints available on paper or canvas

Shawn's Artist Blog:

Minnesota Original MNO McNulty Watch my Minnesota Original segment which aired on TPT Twin Cities.
arte show matera italy I exhibited two paintings in the Arte Internazionale Exhibition in Matera, Italy curated by Pino Nicolleti. Click here to read more about it and watch the news clip.
setai fifth avenue hotel nyc There are 206 of my archival pigment prints (30x30") throughout the corridors of the Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
art takes times square My painting Stallion was displayed on a huge digital screen in Times Square and will be included in an upcoming hardcover book.
My painting Shiver was used in a national Blue M&Ms Ad which ran in many major magazines.
Midland Country Club (Michigan) commissioned 10 diptychs measuring 30x60" which are currently displayed in their suites.


Abstract Art: Paintings by Artist Shawn McNulty

mass transit abstract contemporary art opening minneapolis
Mass Transit: New abstract paintings from Shawn McNulty and Dave Whannel (October)
Rosalux Gallery 1011 Washington Ave S Mpls, MN | October 4th-31st | press release

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Screenprints 2000
I recently received screenprints back from a gallery. These are all original ink on paper 22 x 28" and are for sale via the website. They are different from my signature style, so this is a rare chance to own a different type of work. There are 8 in each series, and they are prices to sell at $300 each.
>> view them here



Bloomingdale's will be carrying six different open edition canvas giclees nationally starting Fall 2005.

Featured as trendsetter in Art Business News, March 2005 >> view

art business news

Tributary is being used on the cover of the Twin Cities Gallery Guide 2005, which is distributed throughout Minnesota
>> view

Artist Statement:
"All my work is dependent on form, color, and composition. I believe the most complex emotions can be evoked from the simplest of forms. My style explores the relationship between man-made structures and the natural world; the idea of recognizable shapes and structures living within irrational thoughts and emotions. I begin an abstract painting very spontaneously and become more detailed as the composition starts to show itself.
Non Objective Abstract Art is difficult to fathom, and this keeps the viewer interested. As an artist, I am intrigued by this idea. I believe how the viewer interprets the piece becomes the reality for that person. I would be reluctant to interject another perspective."

Art Review:
"Shawn McNulty has perhaps the most innovative art in the show, painting in oils with an unrivaled sense of color and shape. His abstract paintings illustrate how the effective use of simple symbiotic patterns can be just as gripping as traditional portraits." J.P. Johnson | Pulse Twin Cities

Looking at Abstract Paintings & Contemporary Art:
When looking at a piece of art, we are inclined to seek out familiar shapes and objects. There are no such literal characters in non objective abstract art. Hopefully, you find aspects of the work intriguing in the form, color, or composition. You might see something that reminds you of a familiar tangible object. You might like an abstract painting a lot, but not know exactly why. In time, you will have the same feelings for the work because you can't quite figure it out what keeps you interested. You will see new and different things years from your first viewing. Representational art is also very effective when done properly. The problem is when the subject matter is cliche or the technique is too derivative and commonplace. In these situations, we look at a painting for two minutes and never need to see it again.

All images of abstract paintings on this site are copyrighted material of Shawn McNulty. They are not to be
used anywhere else without written permission. © 2005 Shawn McNulty Abstract Art - All Rights Reserved.





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