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Shawn's Artist Blog:

Minnesota Original MNO McNulty Watch my Minnesota Original segment which aired on TPT Twin Cities.
arte show matera italy I exhibited two paintings in the Arte Internazionale Exhibition in Matera, Italy curated by Pino Nicolleti. Click here to read more about it and watch the news clip.
setai fifth avenue hotel nyc There are 206 of my archival pigment prints (30x30") throughout the corridors of the Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
art takes times square My painting Stallion was displayed on a huge digital screen in Times Square and will be included in an upcoming hardcover book.
My painting Shiver was used in a national Blue M&Ms Ad which ran in many major magazines.
Midland Country Club (Michigan) commissioned 10 diptychs measuring 30x60" which are currently displayed in their suites.


Mass Transit
Recent work by Shawn McNulty and Dave Whannel

Opening reception with the artists: Sat, October 8th, 2005 7-11 pm
Show runs: October 4th – October 31st, 2005
Rosalux Gallery: 1011 Washington Ave So, Minneapolis
Gallery hours: Tues -Thurs, 12 - 8pm, Fri - Sun, 12 - 5pm

Reviews: Downtown Journal | The Rake

Mass Transit Minneapolis Art Exhibition

Rosalux gallery is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition Mass Transit featuring new work from artists Shawn McNulty and Dave Whannel. Art enthusiasts who enjoy large scale, abstract work typically found in larger museums will want to see this show. McNulty and Whannel’s work appropriately reflects the title Mass Transit by the scale of their work as well as their individual interpretation and interplay of daily urban movement. The viewer will need some time with these pieces. They will want to sit back, take a few breaths and let their senses become bombarded with the magnitude of this important abstract work.

McNulty and Whannel’s work is urban and its emphasis is the interplay of city transportation from light rail to an old beat up bike. There is constant motion. For every character going, there’s a character returning. It may be an aerial snapshot of downtown Minneapolis or a more intimate urban landscape depicting the daily struggles of commuters. A metro bus and SUV challenge each other for their rightful piece of urban space. These abstract paintings affirm that all movement comes together and is possible to view as one unified character.

Together their work bounces off each other with a strong energy. Colors and textures come from the same family, but the styles veer off in their own direction. McNulty’s work has a feeling of chaos within calmness. Whannel has more of an all over composition, like billiard balls bouncing infinitely around a pool table. Figures tend to show up here and there, almost unknowingly.

Shawn McNulty
McNulty has approached Mass Transit by focusing on urban motion and how society moves around within it. His work is often viewed as representing bizarre aerial views. He can easily see this interpretation but that is not his intent or part of the process. A characteristic of his new work is the feeling of duality. There may be some thing going on one side of the piece and something entirely different construing toward the other edge. McNulty is working that idea more consciously.

McNulty’s work is dependent on form, color, and composition. He believes the most complex emotions can be evoked from the simplest forms. He explores the relationship between man-made structures and the natural world; the idea of recognizable shapes and structures living within irrational thoughts and emotions. He begins a painting very spontaneously and becomes more detailed as the composition starts to show itself. McNulty uses neutral colors and complex textures to enhance the bright, rich colors. Non objective Abstract Art is difficult to fathom, and this keeps the viewer interested.

Dave Whannel
Whannel’s approach to Mass Transit reflects urban landscapes with an emphasis on motion. There are characters moving about in each piece. He uses a variety of media including acrylic, latex, collage, and other found materials. He likes to use found items from city streets as collage, actually putting the city itself into the piece. There is a lot of layering so characters may get lost or appear as ghosts wandering aimlessly, wondering why the bus doesn’t stop.”

Growing up in Iowa, Whannel spent his life studying the land, thinking of ways to energize fields of corn, soybeans, and silos. Whannel creates fresh new landscapes with modern themes by adding abstraction, found objects, collage, surrealism, and distorted perspective. These techniques combine to create a voice and very personal interpretation about the environment. The viewer will be reminded of something familiar but will have the freedom draw their individual conclusions. Whannel hides objects inside abstraction to draw viewers in and create an element of surprise when they are found.

Rosalux Gallery is funded and managed by its 24 artist members. Consumers buy direct from the artist at very affordable prices for original art.

For general information or to request an exhibition schedule, visit us at: www.rosaluxgallery.com or 1011 Washington Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN




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