Shawn McNulty Art Artist

: December 2009

shiny robot studio holiday art sale minneapolis

Shiny Robot Studio holiday art sale

Ugh, so it's holiday art sale season. Which means that arts blurbs like this one usually turn into promotional ads for galleries and artists. But if there's one sale we don't mind shilling for, it's the one going down at John Alspach's second-floor perch in the Felt Factory Arts building. The art -- which comes from a Rosalux-heavy lineup of creatives, including Tara Costello, John Largaespada, Shawn McNulty and Nick Howard -- is worthy of your pocketbook. But the main draw may be Alspach himself, one of the craftiest art entrepreneurs in the area. His Broadcast Exhibitions company has brilliantly linked the art and real estate markets, staging posh condos with original works from local artists that can be sold along with the unit. (Noon-7 p.m. Sat., 501 1st Av. NE., second floor, Mpls.

- Gregory J. Scott

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