Frugal Artists Buy Cheap Acrylic Oil Paint Lots on eBay

I don’t know about you, but I go through a lot of acrylic paint being a full-time artist, just take a look at my portfolio. It’s always fun to go to Blick or Utrecht and browse through all those great colors, but it sure is expensive for quality brands such as Liquitex and Golden. I recently stumbled upon a handy money-saving tip for artists, which is to search for a lot of paint on eBay and save in bulk. I just purchased a lot of 30 2 oz tubes of Liquitex for $75 shipped, that comes to $2.50 per tube! This is a great deal when you consider that these tubes retail at around $6-$10 each. I was watching another auction of 100 of the same tubes which sold for $180 shipped. That’s $1.80 per tube! This approach might not work for artists that are very particular about their colors. Being an Abstract Expressionist, I enjoy using a variety of colors, especially on my early layers. Purchasing a lot actually forces me to incorporate new colors that I’m not initially drawn to at the art store.  I use eBay to purchase other things since the prices are usually very competitive, but I had not thought about art materials. Check the current listings below for a sweet deal.

Acrylic paint lots on eBay:

Finally, for you patient oil painters, here is a list of various brands of oil paint lots on eBay:

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