Hewing Hotel Art Exhibition Minneapolis North Loop

I had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Hewing Hotel in the North Loop neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis during the early part of 2018. This also overlapped with the Super Bowl in Minneapolis during February, so there was a lot happening in the general vicinity. The Hewing is a historic building which was refined into a beautiful upscale modern space. It was originally a farm implement warehouse, and the exposed timber and brick is still visible amongst the tall ceilings. My paintings really feel at home in a space like this one. Please enjoy these photos of the exhibition that was on display in coordination with Kolman Pryor gallery, and happened at the same time as my Striations exhibition at Rosalux Gallery.

This first image is from Los Angeles based photographer Whims and Joy, and the gallery below are my photos of the exhibition.

Hewing Hotel Art Photo Mcnulty

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