Israel Lund Screenprint Paintings Make Art Flippers Boom

Israel Lund, a 33-year-old Brooklyn-based artist, explores abstraction with unique techniques in the creation of his paintings and prints. He experiments with silkscreening on canvas using acrylic paint, which is a process typically done on paper with ink. The resulting imagery is very soft ghostly abstracts that resemble large photocopies. “With silk-screening, you’re usually trying to transfer a specificisrael lund art artist image,” Lund explains. “But I bent that convention by just letting the amount of ink, pressure, and size of the squeegee I used determine what the painting looked like. There’s a little control—but a lot of chance.” The artist has a keen sense of color and composition, and the works are quite exquisite. Some critics have called these paintings of nothing, so does that make him the Seinfeld of the art world? These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Lund, along with artists Wade Guyton and Tauba Auerbach, have been making quite a splash in the art market as well. One of Lund’s paintings, a washed out yellow abstract called Untitled, recently sold at Christie’s $125,000 after being sold 10 times over with the initial purchase of $7500 about two years prior. At this level, art flippers come into the game looking to make a quick profit. “This segment of the art market is a bubble,” said Todd Levin, director of New York-based Levin Art Group. “It doesn’t mean that the entire art market is a bubble.” Maybe I should pitch an art flipping show to HGTV since they are based here in the Twin Cities.

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