Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery 2013

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of those artists that many people find intriguing.  Whether it’s the street art to gallery story, the raw imagery with mystifying text (some crossed out), or the celebrity lifestyle and Andy Warhol collaborations, he certainly has become something of an icon.  He was very prolific, and completed a large body of work in only about eight years of being a serious artist.  The imagery and text in his work can be very direct in its connotation, but can also be random and spontaneous.  He often worked around blaring television sets and magazines, and enjoyed cultivating imagery from mass media.  The 2013 Gagosian Gallery exhibition includes 59 pieces of art by the enigmatic art star.  There’s been a lot of discussion about underlying themes of aggressive and naïve along with this exhibit, and I think that is an underlying theme in a lot of his work. This show was widely anticipated since it’s rare to have so many pieces by the artist in one place.  Here’s some interior and exterior photos from the exhibition. I have a painting titled Basquiat.

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