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Madeline Denaro is a contemporary artist based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that I enjoy following online. The materials she uses includes acrylic and synthetic polymers on canvas. Being an abstract painter, my process has evolved over the years to the point of creating completely original forms on the surface. I feel that Denaro has also found a nice little nook within the realm of abstraction that is completely authentic. There will typically be organic color fields that almost resemble clouds existing next to interesting and chaotic bursts of color and line. Also, she uses drips within the canvas very effectively. I often find that drip artists overdo it, but she uses the technique sparingly and beautifully. Process is very important to her, as it is to me, and here’s a bit of her artist statement that I find familiar in my own experimentation:

“My work is very much about process. I find the image secondary to the art making. Although abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order that gradually seems to emerge. Working intuitively, I enter a realm of the unknown where there is more of a following than any real choice.” – Madeline Denaro

I have chosen a few of her pieces which you can view below, and feel free to dive in further at her website at

The no phone zone, 2014 acrylic with polymers on canvas 65″x63″
Where east meets west, 2014 acrylic with polymers on canvas 36″x36″
Saving grace, 2015 synthetic polymer on canvas 48″x48″
And all it took was a powder puff, 2015 synthetic polymer on canvas 56″x56″

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