Nuts & Bits Art Opening Reception Photo Gallery

NUTS & BITS: New work from modern painters Shawn McNulty and Daniel Buettner at Rosalux Gallery in during November 2015. It was a busy night for art shows in Minneapolis. Thanks to everyone who made it to the show!

Painters  McNulty and  Buettner build up their work with many parts and layers similar to how a machine or engine is put together with various nuts and bolts, or in this case, nuts and bits. McNulty applies thick acrylic and texture mediums with unconventional tools and motions, which results in engaging compositions with unique forms that beg to be deciphered. Buettner presents random traditional imagery in an abstract environment, which engages the viewer to interpret the scenario. Both artists are longtime Rosalux members and incorporate a vibrant color palette.

Opening Reception Photos by Renée Duncan

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