Opening Reception Photos from Interpose at Rosalux Gallery

Here are some opening reception photos from INTERPOSE at Rosalux Gallery featuring new paintings by Shawn McNulty and James Wrayge which took place on November 2nd, 2013.

Contemporary painters Shawn McNulty and James Wrayge present new, large-scale pieces that explore geometric and organic structures in their upcoming show “INTERPOSE” at Rosalux Gallery. Their process involves repeating components with a painterly, systemic approach that allows for discovery and deviation. A strong sense of process, discovery and physicality is apparent in the finished work. McNulty works his canvas on the floor with acrylic and pumice with large joint knives and also uses his feet with a “shoe palette knife” he invented. He also peels paint skins off of his knives and collages them on to the canvas creating vast texture. Wrayge applies many thin layers of oil on canvas until the composition is complete. Both longtime Rosalux members (McNulty is a founding member) have a keen sense of color, and will be incorporating gray in this exhibition, which will be a cohesive component.

Opening Reception Photos by Sebastian Flores.

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  2. This is great! A lot of phone photo apps now also have this capability. Instagram’s selective focus mode can, with a little experimentation, give decent tilt/shift results as well.

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