Paramount Pictures Logo Studio Tour Art Collection

Paramount Pictures owns several of my prints on canvas including Iodine and Formality seen in the photo below. It’s the second oldest film studio in the United States (Universal Pictures is the oldest), and the only member of the Big Five film studios still located in Los Angeles. Paramount’s successful run of movies in the 80s and 90s included hits like Flashdance, the Friday the 13th series; Raiders of the Lost ArkBeverly Hills Cop and the Star Trek films. Viacom made a bought Paramount in 1993. The 2-hour Paramount Pictures Studio Tour lets visitors check out iconic locations like the Bronson Gate, New York Street Backlot, and the Prop Warehouse. The VIP tour grants exclusive access to private areas of the Studio operations including Sign Shop, Prop Warehouse, and Sound Stages.

Iodine and Formality | Canvas Prints by Shawn McNulty | Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures Logo

William Wadsworth Hodkinson, AKA the man who invented Hollywood, designed the original Paramount logo in 1914. Legend has it that he doodled an image of a star-crested mountain on a napkin during a meeting with Adolph Zukor. It was an image he remembered of a mountain peak (Ben Lomond Mountain) from his childhood in Ogden, Utah. Ben Lomond Mountain is 9,712-foot-high.

Paramount Pictures Original Logo
Ben Lomond Mountain

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