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Paul Kremer is a contemporary American painter known for his modern color field abstractions that often have overlapping forms creating new colors in the areas of intersection. His clean, sharp edges and lines often have the sensation of a broken glacier or serene lake, which is quite different from my messy abstract art or the work of Madeline Denaro. These paintings come across as computer-generated, and there’s a strong Kenneth Noland and Jules Olitski influence.

Paul Kremer Bio

Kramer was born in Chicago in 1971, and grew up in Houston, which is where he still lives and works today. He opened up the design studio The Speared Peanut in 1991 with his wife. Art in America‘s Raphael Rubinstein describes Kremer’s work as “bold compositions whose hard-edge, single-color shapes (generally red-orange, black, or white) oscillate between flat abstraction and illusionistic geometry, evoking monumental architecture as well as broken-off glacier sections. Kremer’s uninflected surfaces and smooth contours mark him as an heir of Ellsworth Kelly.”

Exhibition History

Paul Kremer has shown his paintings all over the world, including Wilding Cran Gallery (Los Angeles),  Makebish (New York), Marlborough Chelsea (New York), Mark Flood Resents (Miami), Cardoza Fine Art (Houston), and Fondazione 107 (Turin). Kremer also created the hugely popular and hilarious Great Art in Ugly Rooms which is as a Tumblr site that depicts a masterpiece artwork in a very unpleasant interior. The site quickly garnered a cult following and he ended up exhibiting these digital collage photos in different gallery settings. Kremer also recently exhibited screenshots of image searches as large-scale pigment prints.

Paul Kremer Abstract Art Painting
This is one of my favorite paintings from Paul Kremer. Maybe it’s because I’ve been heavy on orange lately, check out Tail Fin and Chalet. The neutral form on the left as a beautiful gradation which suggests shadow and depth as the diagonal separation crosses over to darker forms. The approximate vertical line crossing over to the vibrant orange really makes the piece.
Paul Kremer Glacier Painting
Glacier I is another fabulous piece by Paul Kremer. it is large, measuring 108 x 108” and completed in 2016. Again, we have a fantastic orange combined with two very dark blues. Orange and blue is one of my favorite complementary color schemes, check out my pieces Alligator and Stallion. The negative space in this painting is very powerful, and the contrast of the jagged form really clears your sinuses.
Great Art Ugly Rooms Clyfford Still
Finally, I had to include something from the Great Art in Ugly Rooms project. Check out this masterpiece from one of the most influential abstract expressionists, Clyfford Still, tucked away in this tiny room. Yikes, it’s pretty close to that radiator.

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