Crypto Art

Crypto art is a new way for artists and collectors to come together and transfer ownership of digital art through the technology known as NFTs. An NFT, or non fungible token, is a trackable digital asset recorded on a blockchain. This is the same technology that cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is transferred. Collectors can even save these NFTs to their crypto wallet and show it as part of their investment portfolio. If someone sells and NFT to somebody else, the original artist automatically gets a percentage, which is something that the traditional art market has been struggling to address. There has been a lot of buzz around one specific digital artist known as Beeple. His digital art NFTs are selling on the secondary market for millions of dollars.

My crypto art consists of alternate versions of my traditional art. For example, I am animating some of the paintings to show the motion within it. I am also experimenting with digital pop art such as minimal portraits of celebrities, with a strong emphasis on music. Some of the work also touches on meme life and how specific images come back into the vernacular because of social media. Finally, I am also experimenting with photos that I take with my iPhone and adding digital components or special effects to create a unique digital piece. Some of these pieces are animated. Click over to the product page to view the animation. if you are interested in owning the original, click on the NFT by 10 and it will direct you to the crypto art marketplace where it exists.

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