Sheep on Sol LeWitt Pyramid Sculpture at Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm is one of the world’s greatest sculpture parks and probably worth a visit to New Zealand. The farm includes very large sculptures by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Serra, Zhan Wang, and Sol Lewitt. Alan Gibbs, a wealthy businessman and art collector originally from New Zealand, still owns and manages the farm though he relocated to London in 1999.

One of the sculptures is Pyramid by Sol LeWitt which is constructed out of standard concrete blocks and measures 8 m high and 16 m wide. The unique design allows for the sheep on the farm to easily scale it, and as the image shows, that’s what they do! This is a great example of art bridging the man-made and natural world.

sol dewitt sculpture sheep gibbs farm

sheep sol lewitt pyramid sculpture gibbs farm


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