Shawn McNulty
Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas

Condor is an original white and red abstract painting on canvas by visual artist Shawn McNulty. This painting is is 1.5″ deep, gallery wrapped with painted edges, and ready to hang with wire on the back.

Fun Fact: The California condor is the largest North American land bird. This bird became extinct in the wild in the late 1980s. The remaining wild birds were raised in captivity and have been reintroduced successfully in northern Arizona and Southern Utah. The condor is an important symbol to California Native American groups. If you like this painting, check out my other similar painting Bled White. The original of Condor, along with Springfield, can be seen publicly in the lobby at Latitude 45 luxury apartments in Minneapolis.

Art Latitude 45 Apartments
Condor at Latitude 45 Apartments


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