Shawn McNulty
Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas

Meteor is an original abstract painting on canvas by visual artist Shawn McNulty. This painting is is 1.5″ deep, gallery wrapped with painted edges, and ready to hang with wire on the back.

Fun Fact: This painting is called Meteor because it looks like a big rock in motion. There’s an interesting anime vibe to this one. Imagine the rock is the right eye of a cartoon character and the form underneath is the mouth. The Perseids are a large meteor shower that originate within the constellation Perseus. The shower is visible starting the middle of July, and the peak viewing days are from August 9-14. During this time, there is an average of one meteor per minute. This painting will be on display at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport during the entire year of 2021. Meteor was part of my Elixir exhibition at Rosalux Gallery.


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