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Shawn McNulty
Acrylic and Pumice on Canvas

Moth is an original abstract painting on canvas by visual artist Shawn McNulty. This painting is is 1.5″ deep, gallery wrapped with painted edges, and ready to hang with wire on the back.

Fun Fact: This painting was part of the Home virtual exhibition at the Rosalux Gallery during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what had to say about it:

“Staying at home is a good time to experiment with your process. This new painting, Moth, has minimal texture compared to my signature works that include thick chunky pumice. The grain of the canvas itself becomes the texture that affects the paint and mark making, and I have to find a stopping point earlier on.”

The title was inspired by the moth-like appearance. The Polyphemus moth is one of the largest moths in my area. I once saw a giant Polyphemus moth caterpillar on the tree in my front yard, and we took a selfie.

Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar
Shawn McNulty with Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar


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