: Archeology of Color January 2013

Vitamn Th
Vitamn Archeology Color Art Exhibition Gallery Review Minneapolis published my painting Salvation and reviewed my show Archeology of Color at the Inez Greenberg Gallery. Check out the opening reception photos.

“Abstract painters Shawn McNulty and Silvana LaCreta Ravena join forces in a show that examines the foundations of color, form and composition. McNulty uses commercial-grade palette knives to create his signature layers and textures, and the results are as raw and gritty as they are meticulous and graphic. The Brazil-born Ravena combines beeswax, resin and dried pigment to create colorful, complex, free-form works that reflect both her cultural heritage and her background as a psychologist. These eye-popping paintings sound like a perfect respite for the bleak winter months.” – Jahna Peloquin

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