Vivid Relics Art Show Minneapolis Shawn McNulty Michael Sweere

Vivid Relics Art Show Minneapolis Mcnulty Sweere

Opening Reception: June 3rd, 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: June 3rd-25th, 2017

Rosalux Gallery presents “Vivid Relics” – a new exhibition featuring the dynamic paintings of Shawn McNulty and folk-inspired works by Michael Sweere. Each artist creates work that commands the attention of the viewer, and both McNulty and Sweere are featured in the U.S. Bank Stadium art collection.

Shawn McNulty’s signature abstractions have evolved over the past 20 years into a more organic territory with some subtle ties back to his geometric pieces with rigid edges. He utilizes a “shoe palette knife,” which allows him to work the canvas on the floor with his feet, along with random tools like a Swiffer and pieces of plastic. The result of this process is refreshing and innovative forms comprised of thick acrylic and pumice, along with his masterful grasp of color theory. McNulty is essentially an action painter, but there’s a heavy dose of energized color fields throughout his work, which lend itself to a “calmness over chaos” vibe. His work can be found in private and corporate collections all over the world including General Mills and President Bill Clinton.

Pink Modern Art Painting Abstract Artery
Artery, Shawn McNulty 40×40” acrylic and pumice on canvas
Red Yellow Modern Painting Diptych McNulty
Tombstone, Shawn McNulty 40×80” (diptych) acrylic and pumice on canvas

With the recent installation of his mural at the new Webber Park Library in Minneapolis, Michael Sweere shifts gears and brings something completely different to Rosalux Gallery in June. Mr. Sweere’s affinity of American folk art is evident in his newest installation. A detour from his familiar mosaic work, the exhibition features a wide range of polychromed (painted) woodcarvings. His characters – inspired by imagination, native tales and urban folklore invite viewers of all ages to experience the wonder of “Folk-O-Rama.”

Musky Fish Folk Art Sculpture Michael Sweere
Musky Woodcarving, Michael Sweere

Animal Woodcarvings Folk Art Michael Sweere
Animal Woodcarvings, Michael Sweere – various sizes

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